National Call for Proposals in Mexico for the Strengthening of Sustainable Tourism and Market Ready Businesses

' National Call for Proposals in Mexico for the Strengthening of Sustainable Tourism and Market Ready Businesses

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Looking to include a sustainability approach to your venture?
This call is for you!

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Through this training experience, completely free of charge, we seek to facilitate the conditions to favor the responsible reactivation of tourism. This means increasing the well-being of people and ecosystems, while at the same time preparing businesses to be ready and responsive to the market.


Use the code: +tourism





  • To develop specialized capabilities in entrepreneurship that allow access and professional response to markets with sustainable and differentiating practices in their experiences. 
  • To integrate the First National Directory of Tourism Enterprises that are moving towards a sustainable tourism model.
  • Intensify the sense of community among tourism entrepreneurs, commercial allies and service managers. 
  • To foster professional and transcendental connections between key actors within the sustainable services value chain.
  • Generate connections between opportunities and key resources for sustainable tourism ventures.
  • Communicate and disseminate information to specialized actors in the sector and the general public, in order to promote sustainable tourism.

Spot about the call for applications in the ADN40 program on TV Azteca.

With the Market Ready guidance model, we will be developing capacities in 12 ventures at the national level in this Growing Sustainable and Market Ready Businesses in order to increase their market certainty and the benefits for host communities and the country's ecosystems.  



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Service providers, enterprises, organizations, work groups, collectives, cooperatives, destination managers, initiatives and/or projects that offer tourism services and have been operating for at least 1 to 2 years.

Use the code: +tourism


  • Availability of 8 hours per week, which includes virtual sessions and activities.
  • Established internet connection through a computer during virtual sessions.
  • Willingness to use or learn to use virtual tools (zoom, google drive, mail, etc).
  • Availability to complete the entire program from start to finish.
  • Having a computer and access to a good internet signal and/or proximity to strategic points to receive virtual training
  • Have at least one person within the team who belongs to one of the following groups: young (18-30 years old), female, of diverse gender identity, of rural or indigenous origin. 
  • Have the participation of at least one decision-maker in the organization (director, leader, or "in charge") within the team.


  • To be a legally constituted enterprise.
  • At least 2 years of operation.
  • Completion of the 100% of the Market Ready Self-Assessment and obtain Market Readiness level Emerging or Visitor Ready.
  • To be geographically located within the Mexican territory.
  • To have a diverse work team. 
  • Submit the video about your venture described below;
market ready loom

You must submit a one-minute video to complete your registration by answering the following questions:

What makes your tourism venture unique?

Why does your venture want to be part of the Market Ready program?

  1. Send the digital file of your video to: via
  2. In the 'Title' space, enter the name of your venture as you entered it in the Market Ready Self Assessment.
  3. In the 'Message' field you should write the following: "I am sending my video as part of the Market Ready call for entries and I cede the rights to La Mano del Mono (Centro Latinoamericano de Gestión Ambiental AC), Fundación Azteca A.C. and TV Azteca".

Recommendations to Produce your Video: [we invite you to watch this video]

  • Use the front camera on your cell phone in a NOISELESS space
  • Record it with the phone HORIZONTALLY, not vertically.
  • Place the phone on your desk or table, for example, to ensure that the image is stable.
  • Make sure you are where you have a background that you find pleasing


Twelve ventures will be selected, of which three will be from the Neovolcanic Axis, two from the Lacandon Jungle and one from the Yucatan Peninsula, with the purpose of contributing to the commitments and projects that the allies of this call have; the rest of the ventures may be from any other region or state, seeking to have the greatest representation of the country.

Use the code: +tourism


The applications will be reviewed by a committee formed by Fundación TV Azteca, Sustentur, La Mano del Mono and Rutopía.

This Committee will have the power to distribute the evaluation of the profiles in the most efficient manner, ensuring compliance with the deadlines and evaluation criteria. Its decision will be final.

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October 3, 2022

Launching of the call for proposals.

November 3, 2022

Closing of the call.

November 23, 2022

Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Summit and presentation of selected projects.

December 2022

Start of Cultivation of Sustainable Tourism and Market Ready Ventures

MARCH 2023

End of Cultivation of Sustainable Tourism and Market Ready Ventures

APRIL 2023

Market Ready Bootcamp

During the Sustainable Venture Cultivation and Market Ready you will be able to join the venture community, connect with the value chain, strengthen your capabilities and access key resources.


  • Receive the training program to attract visitors and provide them with high quality, safe, sustainable and profitable tourism experiences.
  • Connect with commercial partners to validate experiential, sustainable and Market Ready products.
  • Develop specialized messages and content to generate alliances with key actors in the nature tourism sector.
  • Receive training modules under the Market Ready Model:
  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Market Ready and Local Livelihoods
  3. Alignment-Market -Product -Impact
  4. Experience Design 
  5. Experience Marketing

The Model contributes to generating well-being in local populations and conserving the biocultural heritage in tourist destinations.

Market Ready is a system that helps travel companies increase their readiness to deliver competitive and sustainable travel and experiences. It supports meaningful, reliable and cost-effective connections within destinations and between local and global travel sales partners.


The enterprises selected for this program are committed to fully comply with the work sessions and activities, as well as to have the necessary means to ensure the virtual connection that allows access to the contents and activities.

Use the code: +tourism

We would like to thank our partners for their collaboration.

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For any questions or clarifications, please contact us at the following e-mail addresses: or
contact us via WhatsApp:

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