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Market Ready Model
useful for companies, destination managers and business partners

The international tool to create certainty in adventure tourism and ecotourism to make it sustainable, profitable, safe and “market ready”.

The Model contributes to generating well-being in populations and conserving the biocultural heritage in tourist destinations.

The model professionalizes and organizes the sector based on 4 business profiles to align market-product, co-design tourist experiences that give certainty in the value chain, generate positive impacts on local communities and contribute to the conservation of natural heritage.

The Market Ready Model is globally applicable and scalable in nature and experiential tourism destinations with the objectives of:

  • Create certainty in the adventure tourism and ecotourism value chain
  • Strengthen nature tourism companies and integrate them into the dynamics of specialized markets
  • Increase the value of nature tourism experiences for the tourist
  • Generate incentives for sustainable practices in nature tourism
  • Generate strategic information for investment in destinations and companies
  • Strengthen sustainable livelihoods in nature destinations
market ready certainty chart

The Market Ready Model is the complete critical path with measurable criteria and proven tools

The Model defines 4 business profiles in the industry, in such a way that the limited efforts and resources to promote and manage nature tourism are focused on creating the maximum value for communities, companies and the market. They are generally described as follows:


Companies that offer basic tourist services without being integrated into products and seek to formalize their offer to serve visitors. They are in the stage of service development Y market discovery.

Visitor Ready

Companies ready to receive visitors to those who offer tourism products, although they do not have the commercial or sustainability capacities to integrate into national or international market dynamics. They are interested in strengthening the quality of their operation and consolidating their markets. They are in the stage of product development Y market validation.

Market Ready

Companies ready to serve markets by offering tourist experiences. They have the business capabilities and tools to serve their market niches. They are interested in developing new markets and / or strengthening local value chains. They are in the stage of development of experiences Y market development.

Export Ready

Professional companies prepared to serve international markets by offering well-developed tourism experiences. They are able to work with National Tourism Organizations and international business partners. If targeting foreign language markets, have commercial tools and capabilities to serve tourists in at least two languages. They seek to develop a local tourism value chain. They are in the continuous improvement phase of experiences, developing experiences in another language (if necessary), diversifying markets and developing relationships with international business partners.

Market Ready Model implementation cycle

market ready graphic process

Business model to create certainty in the adventure tourism and ecotourism industry, strengthen destinations and sustainable livelihoods


Assessment of sustainable livelihoods, business, operational, commercial, social and environmental practices.


Definition of target market, competitive analysis and ideal client profile.


Design, co-creation, validation and operation of the experience.


Marketing to target markets, media and public relations.

Origin and successful implementation of the Market Ready Model

The concept was born in Canada in the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) and the Model has been co-created successfully in other destinations such as Mexico, Curaçao, Guyana, Jamaica among others. Some impacts achieved are the tripling of indigenous tourism ventures in Canada in 8 years, reaching revenues of CAD $300 million, and in Mexico, in 5 years, the value of products and economic income has increased by up to 500%, directly strengthening means of life of local communities.

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