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Truekeis an innovative travel alternative, allowing travelers to reach these communities. We offer a solution to some of the problems associated with scarce job opportunities, social inequality and migration. We support local communities, not only by generating jobs, but also by giving meaning and pride to their traditions and ways of life. We create customized ad-hoc travel experiences that transform, enrich and connect our clients with the magical side of Mexico.

With each surprise, our travelers will be confronted with the unlimited value of each community and its people. They will learn to appreciate the culture, ancestral traditions and will be surprised with the process and history of each craft while enjoying the beauty of the natural environment.

With Jorge, you can go rafting in the white waters of Chiapas or discover the true origin of chewing gum among many other local surprises.


An estimated 10 million travelers were seeking cultural and natural experiences in Mexico; a growing market for which we want to be an alternative: We undertook the journey to take the love we feel for Mexico and our region to the next level, seeking out the most incredible local surprises and stories that will at the very least enrich the lives of our travelers and make our local communities proud.

What is Trueke?

We are a team of Mexican women with the goal of connecting you, your family and friends with the local, we take care of all the logistics, reservations and security, so the only thing you have to worry about is having an open heart to enjoy and let the vibrations and emotions of the local communities warm your spirit.

What you will experience will surely enrich your family ties, you will be more open to understand different realities and you will unknowingly become an ambassador. Trueke.

Bird watching
Whale watching
Descent in rivers
Climbing (mountain/rock/ice)
Hiking / Walking / Trekking / Trekking
Nature excursions
Mystical experiences
Hot air balloon / Balloon flight
Observation of natural attractions
Ecosystem observation
Fauna observation
Nature observation
Wildlife observation
Geological Observation
Horseback Riding / Horseback Riding
River rafting
Stand-up paddle (SUP)
Craft workshops
Handicraft workshops
Gastronomic workshops
Geological Tours
Gastronomic Tourism
Indigenous Tourism
Balloon flight

In Oaxaca they work with black clay. You can take a workshop to learn and practice the black clay process.
To know the process from the beginning of the creation of a handmade silver piece, is to connect with a tradition of Taxco.
The imposing force of water will allow you to appreciate the importance in our lives.
Mud Workshop
Transforming a natural element into a handicraft is not easy, only the privileged few are able to do it.
Agua Azul Waterfalls
The Clouds
To preserve our traditions, children are important.
When a child appreciates and knows the magic of transforming wood into a new best friend

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