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At The Monkey's Hand (LMDM | Centro Latinamericano de Gestión Ambiental AC) we are convinced that training is crucial in the strengthening and growth of any company, enterprise or tourism project. In addition, we believe that collaboration between different actors and tourism service providers plays a fundamental role in the evolution of destinations. It is for this reason that we must continue working together to build prosperous and sustainable destinations while caring for the welfare of the communities that live from tourism, and that is why we engage in actions where through different value propositions we contribute to rethink, re-signify and re-design the tourism activity.

La Mano del Mono offers learning experiences through the use of the Market Ready modelMarket Ready, a model that contributes to the wellbeing of local populations and preserves the biocultural heritage of the places. Market Ready allows companies to increase their ability to respond to growing demand and market changes, and to link them with commercial partners who validate and provide feedback on their value proposition. More than 400 companies in Latin America have already been strengthened through this model, and we continue to add hands to the network!


Co-design priorities for capacity building of nature, adventure or experiential tourism businesses in Latin America. Participate in our survey!

To achieve our goal it is important to know the real needs of the sector. Therefore, we want to listen to you and understand what tourism projects need to reach their maximum development and sustainability potential. This will help us design specialized tools and courses that are really useful for you and other tourism companies in Latin America.

And you, have you ever wondered in which areas your company would need more training or investment to reach its full potential?

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The following survey will take you no more than 5/10 minutes and will generate a lot of value for the future of the tourism sector.

In addition, it will give you the chance to WIN 1 SCHOLARSHIP to participate in one of our new courses.

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