Beyond Sustainability: National Directory of Tourism Enterprises moving towards regeneration.

Beyond Sustainability: National Directory of Tourism Enterprises moving towards regeneration.

Do you manage any tourism venture, project, destination or initiative?

Then you could be part of the 1st National Directory of Tourism Enterprises Moving Towards Regeneration.

If you manage a MyPIME, project, destination or initiative, this opportunity is for you.

Discover our latest advances in the transition to tourism regeneration in Mexico.

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As part of this Initiative

Be part of the national directory of tourism ventures that are moving towards regeneration.

With the support of the Federal Ministry of Tourism, we invite all those who carry out initiatives and/or actions in favor of national tourism sustainability, and who are moving towards the regenerative tourism model, to participate in the following survey.

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What is the purpose?

Integrate a national directory that articulates leaders, companies and destinations transitioning to regenerative tourism, in order to share successful business practices and impact.

Who can participate?

Service providers, organizations, work groups, collectives, companies, civil associations, destination managers and project coordinators.

What is the scope of this initiative?

Your expression of interest will help identify those activities, experiences and organizational processes that go beyond sustainability and contribute to climate change mitigation, and provides great value to select those who could be part of the first national digital directory of tourism ventures moving towards the regenerative tourism model..

By the first quarter of 2022, we intend to follow up on this initiative in order to foster conditions that will provide key information for making strategic decisions for the benefit of the tourism sector, as well as to efficiently manage the practice of tourism towards a regenerative model, and disseminate the results at the national and international level.

Mexico has a great opportunity to take action and be an example of a destination that wants to go beyond sustainability, and work to move its people and organizations in that direction.

Recommendations before answering:

  1. URL of your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok and Google My Business). That is, the address that identifies a web page on the Internet and can be seen in the address bar of the browser. For example, you are currently on the URL
  2. The objective of your project, initiative or venture.
  3. The geographical coordinates where your project, initiative or venture is located.
    • Open Google Maps on your computer. Locate the exact place or an important landmark where your project or initiative is located (red pin), right click and choose what's here. A box will appear with the address and coordinates separated by a comma (Latitude, Longitude).
  4. One to three photographs in JPG format in which you exemplify practices that go beyond sustainability and tourism experiences in favor of climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  5. Evidence on the linkage and/or alliance with key actors that support your venture, initiative, action and/or project (government, private initiative, NGOs, civil society organizations, academia, foundations, etc.), and that have allowed you to contribute to sustainability and/or adaptation - mitigation to climate change. They can be documents, databases, links to internet pages and/or videos, congresses, calls for proposals, etc.

Registration Form

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Filling out this form may take about 25 minutes.
It is important that you have the following information at hand:

This first call for applications is now closed. We invite you to apply for the new call:

Article 4, section VI of the General Law of Tourism that to the letter says: "They are attributions of the Federal Executive Power, that will be exercised through the Secretariat: ...VI. To contribute to the application of the instruments of environmental policy and climate change, in the matter of tourism; as well as the Priority Objective 4 of the Sectorial Program of Tourism that consists of "To foment the sustainable tourism in the national territory" said the previous thing, the Secretariat of Tourism, has capacity and competence for actions referring to the climate change, reason why it is necessary the identification of lenders of services and tourist destinations where regenerative tourism is carried out.