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About Ecotourism Services of La Ventanilla

As a community we care for the natural wealth that surrounds us and consolidate our position as an ecotourism center of excellence.

Since 1996, with the aim of safeguarding the future of the flora and fauna of the region, the community has organized to give birth to the cooperative of ecotourism services.

In 1998 hurricanes Paulina and Rick destroyed the region and the community is working to recover the Mangrove zone in the Laguna.

We currently receive about 400 visitors per day.

Bird watching
Nature excursions
Wildlife observation

Beautiful Beaches
Know the best beaches in La Ventanilla
Get into Nature
Boat Rides
Get to know the lagoon and its flora and fauna in an experience with a local guide.
Crocodiles and more crocodiles
See them up close like you've never had them before.
Relax with Gente Costeña
Get to know the homes and stories of local people
Help us to protect nature
Your visit to La Vantanilla supports our conservation actions.
Monitoring and Citizen Science
Participates in the monitoring of crocodile populations.

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