Open call for nature tourism service providers on the coast of Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Open call for nature tourism service providers on the coast of Oaxaca and Chiapas.

The National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, Conservation International Mexico, The Global Environment Facility and La Mano del Mono, invite private and community-based tourism businesses to sign up to participate in the Growing Sustainable and Market Ready Ventures process.

How to participate?

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and request your registration code to our partners via WhatsApp: +5219531248722 / +527122035933

From one day to the next, tourism changed... the way we used to travel is no longer viable.
Still, we think it's a great opportunity to do things better.

La Mano del Mono invites you to join the more than 450 tourism ventures in Mexico and Central America that have already strengthened their value chains through the Market Ready model. Committed to conserving natural environments and generating wellbeing in host communities, we work alongside local leaders to create responsible and inclusive tourism.

In interaction with other tourism companies you will learn to design transformative experiences, adapted to market trends; connect with business partners; and strengthen your business model in a strategic and sustainable way.

At Conservation International Mexico we work with nature tourism strategies to strengthen the conservation of biodiversity, promoting a fair, inclusive and sustainable economy for people. Don't miss the opportunity to join us and contribute to the conservation of the coast of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

There are already more than 450 enterprises throughout Mexico and Central America that have strengthened their value chains with La Mano del Mono.

On this occasion, only 12 companies will be selected in Costa de Oaxaca Chiapas and will have the opportunity to access the Market Ready program, which will be held from October in a blended manner.

If you are a nature tourism service provider on the coast of Oaxaca and Chiapas, don't hesitate to sign up!

Selection Criteria:

  1. Be located within the area of influence of the project.:
    • Playa Cahuitán Santiago Tepextla, Lagunas de Chacahua, Villa de Tutupec Melchor Ocampo, Santiago Jamiltepec, Playa la Escobilla Santa María Tonameca, Huatulco-Cacaluta Santa María Huatulco, Playa Morro Ayuta-Barra de la Cruz Santiago, Huamelula y Santiago Astata, San Francisco del Mar, Heróica Ciudad de Juchitán de Zaragoza, San Dionisio del Mar, San Francisco del Mar and San Mateo del Mar, Puerto Arista Cerro del Bernal Tonalá, Encrucijada-Los patos solo Dios and Carretas Pereyra Mapastepec, Pijijiapan and Tonalá, Parque Nacional Huatulco, Parque Nacional Lagunas de Chacahua, Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga Oaxaca, Reserva de la Biosfera La Encrucijada.
  2. Program monitoring availability 7 months.
  3. Have at least 5 years of operation.
  4. Application letter by the organization that accredits the members' consent to participate.
  5. In case you are not applying environmentally friendly or sustainable practices, willingness to generate new strategies aimed at the reconversion from conventional to sustainable practices.