Durango Call

' Durango Call for applications

Open call for nature tourism companies in the state of Durango.

With the support of the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Durango and the Council for the Development CODEDUR, we invite nature tourism companies to register and participate in the process of Cultivation of Sustainable and Market Ready Enterprises in Durango destination.

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How to participate?

On August 13, 2021, representatives of 19 ecotourism companies in the region attended the first face-to-face webinar held at the Forestry Technical Institute in El Salto to register the companies and carry out the Market Ready Self-Assessment.

On August 30 took place the Second On-Site Diagnostic Session in the City of Durango (more details below) Don't miss the opportunity to make a diagnosis of your company... Participate!

Or go to https://marketreadytourism.org/autoevaluacion/ and request your registration code from our partners (+527122035933)

From one day to the next, tourism has changed... It is no longer possible to visit several countries in the same trip. We are no longer looking to visit emblematic attractions to take a photo and continue. We are no longer so convinced that more is better... We want to travel safely to natural environments, prioritizing quality time. We want to travel to learn, to grow; but understanding and respecting our planet.

In this context, we ask ourselves: What kind of tourism are we designing? What is its impact on society and the environment?

At La Mano del Mono we unite local leaders to create responsible tourism that generates wellbeing in host communities through the Market Ready Model. Market Ready guides adventure tourism companies to be ready as a sustainable business, creating collaborative alliances in nature destinations.

Thus, companies acquire capabilities to: create unique, creative experiences that are more adapted to the needs of their customers; connect with commercial allies in the market; and strengthen their business model in a strategic way.

At SECTUR we are convinced that by working with this program we are moving forward as a destination. Don't miss the opportunity to join us and build a sustainable Durango.

Rafael Sarmiento Aguirre, Deputy Secretary SECTUR Durango

There are already more than 450 enterprises throughout Mexico and Central America that have strengthened their value chains with La Mano del Mono.

On this occasion, only 12 companies will be selected in Durango and will have the possibility to access the Market Ready program.The course, which will take place in September in a blended learning format.

If you are a Nature Tourism company in the State of Durango, don't hesitate to attend the Second Face-to-Face Webinar on August 30th in the City of Durango, where we will share more details about the program and how to register. We'll share more details about the program and how to register, and we'll be waiting for you at the Training Room of the Human Capital Department of the Durango Ministry of Tourism (Hernández 928, Zona Centro, Durango, Dgo.)!